Home Office – Concept Board

Concept Boards - Mood Boards - Inspiration Collage - Inspo - whatever term you prefer to use - can be PRICELESS tools when working with new clients. They help to forge a visual vocabulary for helping your client define the direction they want their space to go. I've found it important when working with new … Continue reading Home Office – Concept Board

Professional Office Space – Concept Boards

We are currently working on a concept proposal for a Real Estate firm in San Diego who need to revamp their office both aesthetically and functional. I recently drafted these two concept proposals for the space which the client loved and we are now moving forward into the contract and spec approval stage. All very … Continue reading Professional Office Space – Concept Boards

Pillow Selection – Project K, Society6

I am nearing the final stages of proposal for a clients existing master bedroom restyle. We had discussed in our meetings mainly pulling for decorations sake - as there are already some gorgeous pieces in the room - a deep blue denim headboard, marble mid century side tables and a fantastic area rug. I have … Continue reading Pillow Selection – Project K, Society6