I think we’ve all learned from experience that what works in one space does not always work for another.

So what do you do when you find yourself moving cities for work and downsizing from your own full size home to a small apartment?

My client stumbled into this dilemma and he found himself in a bind trying to fit the furniture from his first home into his new LA apartment. He reached out to me to help design a functional but handsome bedroom that would fit his new city life.

Master Bedroom //

The bedroom space has a strong mix of textures across a masculine, neutral palette.

Project Gross BEDROOM

SHOP THE LOOK // bed // rug // side tables // curtains // plant // planter // mirror // artwork // bedding // bedding // light // stool  //



Design Concept:
Again, utilizing that strong masculine color palette the bathroom design is considered but simple.

Project Gross BATHROOM copy

SHOP THE LOOK // pool print // butt print // rock print // shower caddy // frame // grey towel // striped towel // shelf // hooks // bath mat // air plant // tall vase // facet vase // fan palm


Heather KW

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