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Greetings, salutations and all of the niceties.

The sun is shining here in Southern California and I can feel Summer creeping in and giving us all those sandy toes, salty hair and suntan kinda vibes!

On that note – I wanted to share this lil mini makeover we did for our first and always favorite client ‘Project J’.

You might remember the work we did here and here last year.

This particular client lives down near the beach and is hooked on home design and making the most of her rented apartment. And why shouldn’t she? If your paying an arm and a leg to live by the water then the least you can do for yourself is create a space you love being in!

After doing major overhauls of her office & bedroom last year – we wanted to keep the update for the lounge simple but effective.

The overall vibe we aim for this client is a modern, bohemian & feminine. Such a fun genre to shop for as you can easily mix high & lo to create a very eclectic look.

When I am designing for a bohemian client – I always want to include an absolute jungle full of plants. However, through experience we’ve learned that not every client is real plant friendly. I talk about that in more depth here and my foolproof faux plant choices are linked at the bottom of this post.

before //

IMG_3392IMG_7291 2


Ugghhhh – that wall color. So much tan and such little use of the gorgeous original feature fireplace!

Without going full kilt on painting the whole room – I knew that highlighting the fireplace was going to be the kickstarter we needed to start a complete refresh of the room.

Always super professional – I sent the client this extensive rendering of what I wanted to do…


She knows my work & trusts my process so she was game.

With just the primer on – I knew we’d made the right choice.

IMG_7298 2

We were choosing between two colors  – Sherwin Williams Greek Villa and Natural Choice.

IMG_7299 2

I was sure Natural Choice (right) was going to be the winner against those stark tan walls but in real life and in contrast to the ceiling white – Greek Villa (left) won over.

We let the magic elves do their work and a few hours later the fireplace looked pride of place like it deserved!

IMG_7319 3

After replacing her tired couch with this beauty from West Elm and switching out her coffee table to this mirrored version – We wanted to bring in tons of greenery and decorative elements which would tie the whole boho/glam look together.


IMG_7418 3

IMG_7431 4

IMG_7409 4

IMG_7402 4

IMG_7395 4

IMG_7389 4

IMG_7421 4

IMG_7482 3

IMG_7399 4

IMG_7400 4

Overall – the whole room looks more fresh, updated & ready for spring!

SHOP THE LOOK // Faux Zanzinbar Plant // Brass Planter // Tall Striped Vase // Faux Monstera Leaves // Hanging Swing // Faux String of Pearls // Camel Download Print // Faux Yucca Plant // Geometric Mirror //


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