I am such a huge fan of plants that my house is nearing Jumanji status. For me, plants bring an element of care and attention to a home that allows a space to look more human and more “lived in” than your average straight out of a catalog look.

However, not all my clients feel the same about their house to plant ratio like I do!

And trust me, I get you!

Keeping your plant babies alive is a REAL LIFE struggle. It takes me hours to keep my jungle off the brink of dying each week and that living on the edge life is not for everyone.

I also don’t always get it right. I have killed my fair share of plants trying to “make them work” in low light areas or overwatering (or underwatering?) them till they wilt into despair.

Because of that – I am really not against a well chosen and thoughtfully styled bit of faux greenery.

Did I just hear you gasp?

I know when I say fake plant everyone’s immediate thoughts go to a dire doctors office they once had to wait in for far too long with far too many outdated editions of national geographic. But that my friend is the faux green of yesteryear!

Believe me when I say that “fake” had a makeover and is making a comeback!

Fake is for the busy modern home. For the plant killer and the plant enthusiast alike! I have a few corners in my own home that just can’t support the needs of a plant but are also perfect candidates for plant placement. The end of long hallways, the awkward corner by your front door, the dark guest bathroom. All of these places look so much more considered when there is a bit of greenery there so why not stash a few faux bits where the sun don’t shine?

I think one of the biggest issues people have with fakes is that they don’t think beyond the initial presentation from the manufacturer which tends to be small, plastic pots that draw your attention to the poorly presented plant!

It is so important to choose a stylish pot that reflects your own aesthetic and highlights the plants natural charm. With enough attention to the preening and bending of a good fake into the look of natural foliage and with a well presented plant pot – a good fake can fool just about anyone at first!

So, with a specific client project in mind – I’ve taken the time to round up my favourite faux plants and stylish pots at different price points for you to choose from!


  1. Finger Cactus 3.5′ // 2.Spider Hanging Plant 27″ // 3.Tillandsia Air Plants Bromeliads 5 Piece // 4.Sansevieria Plant 35″ // 5.Birdsnest Plant 3.5′ // 6. Artificial Zamioculcas ‘Zanzibar Gem’, 4.5-Feet // 7.Succulent Plant in Gray Ceramic // 8.Cordyline Plant 5′ // 9.17 Inch Succulent Yucca Plant


1. Marble Swirl x3 // 2. Black & Rattan Basket 13″ // 3. Black & White Rope // 4. Tall Black Planter 26″  // 5. Gold & White Marble // 6. Tarnished Brass Planter 11″ // 7. Woven Seagrass Basket // 8. Concrete Angle 14″


Heather KW

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