In my quest to find my client a set of fabulous but COMFORTABLE outdoor chairs – I must have scoured hundreds and hundreds of options. The criteria may seem simple – but I knew that she needed something she could genuinely curl up in with a good book and a glass of wine.

In this hot California climate, the typical outdoor plastic chair was never going to be an option – so we gathered a variety of seats with woven elements that allow for air flow and a bit of give in the seat. Also, as an added perk most of the options below could have cushions added for additional comfort if they don’t already include one.

So you don’t have to waste hours looking for that needle in a haystack I thought I would spread the love and give you my TOP 9 outdoor patio chairs currently out there on the “world wide web.”

Feast your eyes on these:



  1. Coronado Stacking Lounger 2. Palisades Folding Chair 3. Brayden Studio Chair 4. Ehrlich Stacking Chair 5. Bungalow Chantay Chair 6. Cristian Dining Chair 7. Borneo Arm Chair  8. Bronx Berger Chair 9. Standish Outdoor Chair

I personally have my eye on the Standish outdoor set which look ultra stylish, comfy, have fabulous online reviews & are an ABSOLUTE STEAL at $300!


Heather KW





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