Part deux of working with Project J (you can see our first project here) on her bedroom re-jig is attacking the part of her room which is really weighing down the entire space – her bulging closet.

J has a serious shopping problem – but it’s OK because she owns it. She knows that she needs to make room for the constant wave of incoming items – but really clearing out some of the more dated items and anything she has a ridiculous amount of multiples of seems like a monumental task. Cue my own obsession with grey knit and how I always excuse myself to buy just one more!

We are undertaking a big task with J’s closet – as not only are there A LOT of clothes – but J has great style – so there are A LOT of perfectly good clothes.

However, we are going to go full BRUTAL on the clear out, because if it doesn’t make you feel flawless then it doesn’t belong in your closet.

Over the past seven years in London, my husband and I had been sharing a dwarf size closet. I was forced to take full advantage of seasonal dressing and therefore had to review my wardrobe each major season so I could vacuum pack and stash away what made the cull. That doesn’t exactly work now that we have returned to Southern California – somewhere you want to have full access to the majority of your wardrobe year round. Closets here need to be more heavily curated as everything you own is at your fingertips.

To prepare for the impending clear out, I’ve gathered some inspiration for clever storage ideas that will not only work for Project J’s exact situation – but are generally just really clever. Enjoy!

As seen on Livet Hemma

Ikea shelf brackets can be used (sans shelf obviously!) to create additional horizontal storage in tight places.

As seen on Domaine

Is it anyone else’s dream to have the laundry straight off your bedroom – or even better yet attached to your en suite bathroom like the one above? I’m usually thinking of my epic to-do list when I’m getting ready any ways – why not have the laundry right at hand?

As seen on Babble

Turning the attic into an extra bedroom can open up a lot of space in a home but unless you’re taking the existing roof out you are usually left with a strange shanty space on at least one side of the new space. These geniuses didn’t let that faze them! Fantastic use of vertical space where you have it while using lower cabinets where you don’t. I’d love to get dressed in this room each morning, although I have spotted an impending grey knit avalanche.

As seen on Planete Deco

The above illustrates everything I love about a tidy closet – easy access to all of your grey knit! Jokes aside, the neutral theme of the boxes, shelving and matching white hangers allows the clothes to stand out. Obvious selection lends to easier and faster dressing in the mornings. Always a plus.


More GREY KNIT! I clearly have a problem – or a consistent source of inspiration!? However you want to look at it. Any ways, this prefab closet not only incorporates the best of both the hanging and drawer world – but also goes quite vertical which utilises the areas awkward angled height. I bet you can even get a bit more seasonal storage up top. Maybe for some grey knit?

Ah! So much inspiration! I will make sure to share with you more of Project J part deux and the closet makeover.


Heather KW

I have also found the following articles and tutorials very helpful:

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2 thoughts on “Closet Re-set

  1. Thanks for the wardrobe tips Heather. We shall be starting our walk in wardrobe soon. Next project on our list. Love the grey knit also. Jan


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